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Awesome man and team

April 6, 2020

The man and his team was awesome he seen right through my case and it was dismissed I thank u for all your help

Posted by Darrell via Avvo
5.0 stars

Team work makes the dream work

April 3, 2020

Pat and Julie are the best in the business. They are a great team. I felt confident in my choice as I was leaving my free consult. He swayed my decision. I had asked my friends to recommend me a lawyer and 2 said Pat. They said he’s the top lawyer and he is. Highly respected by his fellow colleagues. Been in the business long enough to know exactly what to do to get things done. Highly recommended! Thanks Pat for giving me my life back with a quick dismissal. Also, for always returning my calls in a speedy manner when I was freaking out and you calmed me down.

Posted by Julie via Avvo
5.0 stars

Life Saver

April 2, 2020

I hired Patrick and Ms. Julie and they are the best in the business. From the beginning they took the time to explain the situation and what I was up against. I highly recommend them as they know the law. If you want results look no further.

Posted by T.J. via Avvo
5.0 stars

Best in town

March 21, 2020

Patrick Kelley is my lawyer, I used him several times and all dismissed, with my life on the line I wouldn’t want nobody else in my corner defending me, with his right hand man or should I say woman Julie Jones, I refer my family, my friends, anybody looking for the best team in town, Patrick Kelley will find a way to win

Posted by Isiah via Avvo
5.0 stars

These Attorneys are Worth Every Penny!

January 3, 2020

I concur with every positive review I’ve read about Patrick Kelley and Julie Jones on this site. They are extremely knowledgeable, professional and experienced. If you are serious about getting your case dismissed and are willing to follow their advice, hire Patrick Kelley and Julie!!!

Patrick Kelley and Julie have helped me get 4 felony cases dismissed. Mr Kelley is an impressive and confidence inspiring presence in the courtroom.

Posted by WA via Avvo
5.0 stars

Best attorneys hands down!

October 28, 2019

While no one wishes to find themselves having to deal with a case, Mr. Patrick Kelley and Julie Jones are very knowledgeable, trustworthy, dependable, smart and kind attorneys who can guide you through your trying time. I was very impressed with Mr. Kelley and Mrs. Jones ability to get up to speed with the facts of my case. Both fought for me all the way with integrity. Their efforts made a long lasting impact in my life and helped me view things in a different manner. I will forever be grateful for their help!!!

Posted by AFranco via Avvo
5.0 stars

J. Daniels

October 21, 2019

Mr. Pat Kelley is one of the best lawyers in Houston hands down if not the best along with Julie jones! He is an amazing attorney and can beat any case! I was referred to him by a friend that got 2 very bad felony drug cases dismissed & promised me if I chose pat Kelley I would get mine dismissed as well!! And I did!! I would refer pat to anybody who is serious about getting the best results for there case!! If you need a great super lawyer choose pat he will not disappoint you at all!! I will forever be appreciative of Pat Kelley for helping me get my case dismissed!!! J.D

Posted by Jelea via Avvo
5.0 stars


June 11, 2019

He was a wonderful lawyer. Him and his partner Julie Jones was able to get my case dismissed immediately after payment was paid in full! Thank God for them! Also I didn’t have to go to jail he was able to do a walk through. They were also great at communicating with me!

Posted by Kierra via Avvo
5.0 stars



December 9, 2018

Patrick Kelley & Mrs Julie Jones took the room everytime they walked in! I had a high degree felony case, and this team saved my life. Pat not only beat my case, but had it dismissed. A one in a million case. By far the best team to put all your confidence in. I give my utmost respect to Patrick Kelley and Julie Jones. Thank you for everything you guys have done for me.

Posted by Kalyn via Avvo
5.0 stars

The Best and Only Lawyer to Use

December 8, 2018

Mr. Kelley is one of the Greatest and BEST Criminal defense attorneys IN THE BUSINESS . I have Known Mr. Kelley since 1994 and is the only attorney i have ever used . No matter what type of situation i have called on him for , it has always been handled with confidence and trust always . The case has been DISMISSED and DISCHARGED for me and all of the many clients I have referred to him and his teammate JULIE JONES …. Anytime I have called on them , I’ve never had to speak to a secretary , or an answering service . I’ve always spoken to Mr. Kelley personally or Julie Jones . When your freedom is on the line , you hire the Best , pay the cost and leave the rest to the Dream Team . Mr. Kelley and Mrs. Jones are well respected in the toughest court rooms and have always kept their word . Thanks to the Shark and his teammate !

Posted by R.W. via Avvo
5.0 stars

Pat & Julie make a great team!!!

September 26, 2018

Pat & Julie both are great! I read a review that said the otherwise, and beeg to differ! They’re professional lawyer, human beings both with different personalities! All successful lawyers have several cases that they’re working on, and if they didn’t and you’re your lawyers only client then you should maybe rethink your hiring strategy! Of course their busy, and depending on the severity of your case, will ultimately determine how long it takes to resolve! Pat is no puppy, he’s a bulldog with everyone! Hey may not have a great sense of humor, but he’s effective and knows what he’s doing! Pat is also smart enough to know himself, being that he’s not the most personable guy, he partnered with Julie in which she’s typically the point of contact, because she’s both patient and personal! They’re a great team! I’ve use Pats firm on several occasions unfortunately, and have always came out in a far better situation than it could’ve been! Pats firm isn’t cheap, but they’re also one few law firms that represent majority of minority’s, that will also pay for investigators, lab work amongst other sources available to get the best outcome for they’re clients! When you hire a cheap lawyer, you’re putting yourself at a disadvantage being that it cost for lab work, private investigators, DNA test, amongst other sources they me need to use to have you exonerated of the charges against you! Good lawyers don’t work for free, and cheap lawyers are not going to use there personal income to defend you, nor are they when giving you a price you can afford, the lest bit thinking of bringing heavy artillery, fact based, paid for evidence that opposes the prosecutions case against you! Pat Kelly’s law firm does! So that the huge difference! I’d trust Pat with my mother’s life if she was fighting the death penalty, so I’d highly refer, and recommend his firm to anyone in serious situations, that want that price mind that you have one Houston’s finest law firms on your team!
P.S Pats 30=+ years experience doesn’t hurt his network in court btw!!!

Posted by Christopher Turner via Avvo
5.0 stars

5.0 stars

May 16, 2019

Posted by Rufino Flores via Google

5.0 stars

June 20, 2019

Posted by Jose Saldana via Google


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