Defended over 3,200 criminal cases since 1990

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Veteran Houston Criminal Defense Attorneys Fights for Clients’ Rights

Accomplished Texas lawyers show there’s no substitute for experience

When you hire Patrick M. Kelley, Attorney at Law to defend you against criminal charges, you benefit from a team of two veteran defense lawyers who will represent and assist you at every stage of your case. We deliver honest, knowledgeable counsel to clients in the Houston area and work aggressively to try to obtain the best possible results. To make sure you understand the legal process, we explain the legal standards thoroughly and advise clients to plan on spending at least six to nine months going to court, supported by lawyers who have achieved these accomplishments:

  • Patrick Kelley has been a licensed Texas criminal lawyer since 1983
  • Julie Jones has been a licensed Texas criminal lawyer since 1989
  • Patrick and Julie have been working as a criminal defense team since 2003
  • Our team of lawyers has more than 65 years of combined criminal law experience
  • Patrick has defended over 3,200 criminal cases since 1990
  • Patrick is the author of “Drug Search and Seizure,” a column that ran in the Houston Chronicle and Houston Post.

We believe that having two experienced attorneys acting on your behalf from start to finish provides a distinct advantage when dealing with a prosecutor and trying to obtain the best possible outcome.

Skillful litigators are familiar with both sides of drug prosecutions

People throughout the Houston area who are facing controlled substance charges or other allegations choose our firm because we are highly familiar with both the prosecution and defense sides of the criminal justice system:

  • Patrick worked as an Assistant District Attorney in Houston from 1983 to 1990
  • Julie worked as an Assistant District Attorney in Dallas from 1989 to 1994

Our experienced team of criminal defense lawyers does not have to guess what your prosecutor’s plan of attack is on your case. Our team has already “been there and done that.” Due to their in-depth training as Texas prosecutors early in their careers, Patrick and Julie are today equipped to anticipate and predict what the prosecutor’s actions will be in your case. This gives our firm unique insight, which we bring to bear in each criminal case we defend.

Dedicated advocates focus on controlled substance cases

The only area of the law that we practice is criminal defense. Since all our efforts are focused on just one area of the law, we are better able to stay on top of the latest appellate decisions and legislative changes affecting Texas criminal defense litigation. Our team’s extensive 65 years of criminal law experience helps clients accused of drug crimes, assault, theft or other misconduct pursue a favorable result. Whether your case involves allegations of drug possession, the manufacture or distribution of a controlled substance or illegal activity relating to prescription medication, we are determined to assert your legal rights, including protections against unlawful search and seizure.

Speak with an experienced Texas criminal defense lawyer

The proven Houston criminal defense team at Patrick M. Kelley, Attorney at Law provides strong advocacy to individuals accused of drug crimes. Call 713-222-6363 or contact us online for a consultation.


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