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Houston Firm Helps Clients Fight Drug Dealing and Manufacture Charges

Texas lawyers have experience on both sides of controlled substance cases

Under the Texas Controlled Substances Act, nearly every crime associated with the manufacture or delivery of illegal drugs is a felony. Even small amounts can trigger sentences starting with six months in jail and possibly running for years in prison. When the line between a possession and distribution charge is thin, it’s important to find a legal advocate who will push back against overzealous authorities. The lawyers at Patrick M. Kelley Attorney at Law are veteran criminal defense attorneys who have also served as prosecutors, so we can fight for your rights effectively and counter the tactics used against you.

Dedicated firm defends people accused of drug delivery and manufacture

A first-degree felony conviction for drug dealing carries a sentence that runs from 5 to 99 years. Even a third-degree felony has a two-year minimum. In these situations, you can’t be in doubt your lawyer has the ability to develop the strongest defense possible. Attorneys Patrick Kelley and Julie Jones are former prosecutors with more than 65 years of combined legal experience. We concentrate on drug cases and give the latest advice on laws pertaining to:

  • Manufacture of controlled substances — Whether they’re made in a lab or grown in a backyard, producing controlled substances as defined by Texas Law presents a risk of long-term incarceration.
  • Accessories linked to drug delivery and manufacture — Accessories can include any product used in relation to the creation, storage and sale of controlled substances. Standard household items such as Ziploc baggies, baking soda and scales can be misinterpreted as evidence of intent to manufacture, distribute or possess with intent to deliver drugs. Even having an amount of cash on hand can be similarly misinterpreted.
  • Penalties — Most penalties for drug crimes associated with manufacture and delivery are punished either as standard felonies or state jail felonies, the latter of which can carry a sentence of 180 days to two years. Whether a standard felony is charged as first, second or third degree is based on several factors, including the specific substance, the amount involved, previous convictions and whether the activity is alleged to have occurred in a “drug free zone,” such as a school.

There can be a huge difference between charges of drug possession and “intent to distribute.” The distinction might be based only on a police officer’s hunch or on evidence that was illegally seized. Before you make a decision that could trigger a serious fine or incarceration, it’s important to gain an informed perspective on your potential defenses.

Contact a Texas defense attorney to discuss a charge of drug delivery or manufacture

At Patrick M. Kelley, Attorney at Law in Houston, we are accomplished criminal defense lawyers who fight charges of drug dealing, manufacture and possession against our clients. If you have been accused of a drug crime or believe you might be, please call 713-222-6363 or contact us online for a consultation.


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